A week on from the Synod debate….

By ‘the Synod debate’ I mean, of course, the one about LGBT inclusion – or not.

The one which was only listed for a ‘take note’ debate but dominated the headlines as usual tho’ unusually got the Church a slightly better press because of the technical defeat

Some questions….

How far has life simply gone back to ‘normal’? A few people are still blogging about it, one or two are being invited to speak at post-Synod events and the move to a new coalition of OneBodyOneFaith has been vindicated by its first success….

But for most of the nation it is simply yesterday’s chip paper – if it even lasted that long in the age of social media….

Which is not to say that the debate should not have happened or that it should not be continued… but it is not a debate that needs to be continued in Synod if at all possible

The only rationale for continuing the debate in Synod is if there is a realistic chance of changing the law on anything – to do that, what really needs to change is hearts and minds on a much wider scale – a process outside Synod

In the meantime Synod did do a lot of other business last week, almost unnoticed and almost entirely unopposed…

I do not oppose the general direction of Reform and Renewal but the fact that significant new legislation was just nodded along, with very little scrutiny, challenge or amendment is not entirely healthy

The point of a Synodical process is that it is a process; the point of that process is to road test and develop the draft legislation through the input of the range of participants and perspectives brought to Synod – Synod should not simply be rubber-stamping what is put before it

If Synod – and the elections for Synod – continue to remain dominated by the ‘LGBT+’ issue for the length of time that it is likely to take for legislative change then the Reform and Renewal of the whole Church – and the legislation required to deliver it – is likely to suffer as a result….

Above all though, so too will the Mission of the Church because we are not a single-issue organisation and must not continue to let the media present us as such.

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